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DI is the premiere source for consumer electronics accessories that make daily life easier, more productive and more enjoyable. While other accessories manufacturers put their time and money into copying each others’ products, we put ours into understanding the big and small pain points of our consumers, and inventing clever but simple solutions to these problems. This spirit of innovation has allowed us to develop and market patented and industry-leading products for screen cleaning (ScreenDr®), tangle-free earbud/headphone storage (The Nest™), laser lens cleaning (CleanDr® featuring Zero Clearance™ Technology), radiation-shielded laptop desks (LapGuard™), and optical disc repair (SkipDr®). We market these products through some of the largest retailers in the U.S. and have sold almost ten million units of our original product, SkipDr, making it arguably the most successful CE accessory in history…at least until it’s surpassed by ScreenDr, The Nest, or something else we’ll surely invent as new CE technologies, and their attendant problems, continue to emerge.

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