Tangle Free Earbuds: Are They a Myth or The Real Deal?

tangle free earbuds

tangle free earbuds

Are tangle free earbuds a myth or reality?

Short answer? Yes. Longer answer? Yessssssssssssssssss. After all:

“There are only three things that college students constantly stress about: where the party is, what is on the midterm, and how their earphones always end up getting tangled.” – Winston Churchill

The main takeaway here is not how bad we are at Digital Innovations at citing factual information, but rather how good our Nest tangle free earbud case is at protecting earphones to keep them from ending in a tangled mess. The Nest is something you just have to get your hands on to fully appreciate. The first time you see how easy (and oddly fun) it is to wind & store your earphones, and pocket them for later use, you’ll never go back.


Headphones Have Become a Boy Scout Drill.

It’s actually kind of crazy to think about how many times a day the typical college student handles a pair of headphones. In many cases, these students are using the painful white nunchucks that Apple calls headphones, or Skullcandy’s vibrating rubber balls. Popular, cheap headphones are light and easy to wind up quickly. The main problem is the phenomenon that occurs when they’re placed in a jeans pocket or a backpack sleeve: earbuds go in perfectly untangled, and come out in more knots than your roommate’s hair the morning after a kegger.


Why Tangles Occur

Why do earbuds get tangled? This is a question uttered by many of the greats – Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking, even Thomas Edison (again, our timeline might be a little off). String theorists and mathematicians are reportedly working around the clock in a dimly lit bunker in Wales; meanwhile, the internet ponders endlessly. DI is more concerned with a bigger question: why has no one developed tangle free earbuds?

The truth: many have tried.

tangle free earbuds

There are some great flat cable earphones out there, which are supposed to tangle less and be easier to handle when not in use. Well, with any string longer than a foot, and a compact storage space, earbud strings are going to tangle regardless. We decided to approach the problem a little differently.


Value of the Nest

With the Nest, tangle free earbuds are three short steps away. Simply flip the Nest to the ‘open’ position, pop your headphones in the center pocket, and wrap the earbud string around the exposed side. Once fully wrapped, go ahead and flip the Nest back to its ‘closed’ position and you’ve stored your headphones in a manner that guarantees to keep them from tangling. Lightweight, portable storage = tangle free earbuds.


 The Resolution: Tangle Free Earbuds are Not a Myth With Proper Storage

With a Nest earbud case in the dorm room or apartment, broken and tangled earphones will be a thing of the past. You won’t have to spend your hard earned dollars on extra pairs, and you can stop punishing the kids for wreaking havoc on their tangled earphones. Passive aggressive roommate drama will be forever banished!

Now, don’t quote us on that. But you can quote us on this: the Nest is a clever earbud storage and protection device. Those tiny little guys have the power to bring you beautiful music, teach you new things, and connect you with the people you love. Protect your earbuds with a safe, peaceful and cozy home today.

Get a Nest (or three)… on our site or on Amazon.com.