Press Release: Protect your Investment in LCD and Plasma Screen Technology with Proper Care and Maintenance

Arlington Heights, Illinois – July 6, 2009 – Plasma and LCD screens require special care and maintenance—among many other high-end screens including MP3 players, cameras and cell phones. Manufacturers specifically recommend not to use common household cleaners with ammonia, alcohol or detergents. Digital Innovations, an industry leader of consumer electronics care and maintenance products, announces a complete CleanDr® screen cleaning product line featuring UltraClear™ Streak-Free solution to safely clean delicate, expensive, high-end screens.

Many people who purchase an expensive electronics item containing a screen—whether an MP3 player, cell phone, monitor, or expensive TV—neglect to properly maintain the screen or assume that a computer screen cleaner or plasma tv screen cleaner is a waste of money. “I used to think these specialized screen cleaners were a con, until I read about the damage that conventional paper towels and other products can do to a screen,” said Ryan Michael of Ojai, California, who owns a 50″ plasma TV, several cell phones, an LCD computer monitor, and three GPS units. “After seeing the performance of the CleanDr, not to mention the stylish container with the innovative vented cap and microfiber cloth, I consider it a must-have.” He added, “The results were perfect. There were no marks to be seen and I didn’t worry about scratching the delicate screens. I knew I needed a laptop screen cleaner as well as a flat screen cleaner and I found everything I needed in this one product.”

Gary Masching, CEO of Digital Innovations added, “When you have an LCD computer monitor or an expensive plasma television screen, it is necessary to clean and maintain it with the proper care products for the optimal quality picture and long-lasting viewing enjoyment. Screen maintenance is simple, inexpensive, and critical for protecting your investment.”

CleanDr® screen cleaning products are effective at cleaning without leaving streaks and residue behind and are safe to use on the leading manufacturers’ LCD and plasma screens without the risk of destroying the delicate anti-glare coating. Cleaning and drying compounds in the UltraClear™ formula work at the molecular level for superior dust, dirt, and oil removal. UltraClear has no ammonia or alcohol and is a tv screen cleaner, cell phone screen cleaner, touch screen cleaner, MP3 player cleaner, GPS unit cleaner, and PC monitor cleaner all in one easy-to-use product.

CleanDr products are available at and at many retail stores nationwide. Prices range from $4.99 – $24.99.

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Digital Innovations, LLC is based in Arlington Heights, Illinois and was founded in 1995. DI works hard every day to understand consumer problems and pain points, then solves them by delivering innovative, effective and easy-to-use accessories and peripherals. DI’s product line includes ScreenDr™ for screen cleaning featuring the patent pending StorDry™ bottle design, LapGuard™ with Radiation Shielding Technology for laptops, Speaker Dock for Android™, DeviceDryer™ for soaked electronics, and AllTerrain™ “All Surface” Mice. DI got its start by launching SkipDr®, the world’s first consumer CD/DVD repair device that is arguably the most successful consumer electronic accessory in history having sold almost 10 million units and counting. Digital Innovations products are available online and at leading retailers such as Best Buy, RadioShack, Staples, Sears, GameStop, Kmart, AAFES, Meijer, Fred Meyer and many more.

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