Getting a Head Start on Spring Cleaning? Here’s How to Properly Clean Device Screens

clean device screens

clean device screensIt’s the end of April, meaning it’s time to break out the Mr. Clean, the mop, and that turquoise apron from 1985. There’s dust everywhere. Cobwebs are in the window screens. Remnants of rock salt have also settled in between the tiles on the kitchen floor. But there’s one spot that gets overlooked way too often. It’s ultra-dirty and you put it against your face on a daily basis.

A Device Screen is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat.

That spot is your mobile phone – specifically the screen. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy – this is the dirtiest device you own. Your kids love to play on it, your husband takes it in the bathroom (yeah he does and likely does not tell you about it…) to try his hand at Angry Birds, and you’ve probably been guilty of getting a bit of food on it from multitasking and eating on your own time.

Your phone kind of gets around. It is dirtier than a toilet seat, in fact.

clean device screens

Once you are able to cope with how gross that statement is, you frantically begin to explore your options to clean device screens:

  • Windex. “This screen used to be a lot shinier. I’ve always liked the smell of window cleaner, so let’s rub some of that on here.” PLEASE, DO NOT DO THIS. This method will clean the phone, but not without damaging the protective coating on your device screen first.  Ammonia and alcohol-based products were made for scummy glass – not your fancy iPhone.  The instruction label warns you against spraying it on wood surfaces; what makes you think it is right for protective smartphone screens?
  • Lint-free cloth & elbow grease. “I’m scrubbing this thing until I can see my reflection again. It’s great for quick makeup inspection and I don’t need any chemicals.” No chemicals means that you’re on the right track.  And you will have a nice illusion of clean.  But a t-shirt sleeve just tends to move dirt around rather than providing a proper clean, unfortunately.
  • Tap water. “Who needs wipes or cleaning solution? A dab of fresh sink water on this paper towel and the thing is good to go.”  Tap water is crap water.  With its own group of various chemicals, it can also potentially damage the coating on your phone’s screen.  Would you really buy deionized or distilled water just to clean device screens? Tap water and elbow grease are good for kitchen counters and surfaces – but your phone or tablet needs a special touch that goes far beyond that.

clean device screens

“Spring Cleaning – When Even Your Cleaning Supplies Need Cleaning.”

There’s DIY folks, who prefer free solutions and working with what they have at home. A little common sense and extra effort can go a long way in keeping gadgets from getting too nasty to handle.  For everyone else, a practical, all-in-one device cleaner is much more desirable.  A quick glance under the kitchen sink and you’ll start to wonder if anything is truly effective at cleaning while simultaneously not damaging your phone.  It’s a two way street – you need an effective, non-abrasive cleaner as well as an effective cleaning cloth (which are never where you think you left them).

If you’re wondering what the solution is to the dirty phone dilemma, allow me to suggest ScreenDr.

clean device screens

ScreenDr is a great alternative for safely cleaning dirty phone screen. Look no further if the following features are on your must-have list:

  • Eco-friendly, alcohol, and ammonia-free
  • Streak-free
  • “All-In-One” StorDry cloth and bottle storage system keeps the non-abrasive, antimicrobial cloth free of mildew and moisture when not in use
  • Airline-friendly 2 oz. bottle size lets you keep it in your purse or glove compartment for easy access

ScreenDr can get your phone back to a clean slate in no time. Our patented “All-In-One” package design lets you keep the bottle, cloth, and overcap in one place. Unlike other cleaners, ScreenDr is made specifically for your phone screen: iPhone, Galaxy S, and HTC screens are all begging for a safe, thorough clean.

Clean Device Screens the “Right” Way

clean device screens

Just like there’s a “right” way to clean a bathroom countertop, there’s also a “right” way to use ScreenDr for maximum effect when you clean device screens:

  1. Remove the blue bottle from the black StorDry top, revealing the premium cleaning cloth.
  2. Spray a light mist of ScreenDr onto one side of the cloth (NEVER directly on the screen).
  3. Wipe away dirt, dust, and smudges from the screen using the damp side of the cloth where ScreenDr has been sprayed.
  4. Use dry side of the cloth to thoroughly dry the screen.
  5. Place the cloth on top of the blue bottle and click the black StorDry cover back down.

If there’s any confusion, please refer to our Quick Start Guide or the animation on the right.

ScreenDr is a Professional Grade Clean, Trusted by Electronics Retailers Nationwide

If you’re grossed out by your own devices at home, just imagine the amount of fingers and hands that handle in-store devices at major retailers.  Luckily, experienced store managers trust ScreenDr for a quick, efficient clean.  There is very little busy work required when ScreenDr is relied upon for phone cleaning. Still in doubt? Have a look at the reviews page at Best Buy before you decide for yourself.

Give yourself a hand! Your phone is much cleaner than before. This portable 2 ounce cleaner will have you wondering how any other method sufficed to clean your iPhone. It’s a clever design and it’s convenient to use. For just under ten dollars, you can easily order a couple to store in a suitcase, a glove compartment, or a purse and thoroughly clean device screens. If you have TVs, laptops, and other technological wonders with smudge-dust, consider a 5 ounce or 9 ounce bottle instead.

Spring cleaning can be therapeutic. It’s always a great feeling to have a clean house again. Now you can feel even better knowing that you didn’t miss a spot on those dirty devices. Your phone will no longer be a toilet seat pressed against your cheeks.  All it needs is a little love from ScreenDr.