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In Honor of James Gandolfini: Here are the Five Most Memorable Tony Soprano Moments

in honor of james gandolfini

September 18, 1961 – June 19, 2013 It’s hard to believe that today marks exactly one year since the death of actor James Gandolfini, critically renowned for his role as Tony Soprano on the flagship HBO series.  In addition to being the center of attention on The Sopranos, he held the stage down on Broadway several […]

They Say Life Boils Down to Four Bottles. ScreenDr Begs to Differ


  You may have seen this image floating around the internet and had an LOL. At the very least, you made a small noise with your mouth resembling a chuckle. But the artist left out an essential bottle of everyday life that we can’t miss. The missing bottle is ScreenDr. No life is complete without […]

Need a Last Minute Father’s Day Gift? Stock the Man Cave with These Awesome Accessories

last minute father's day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Some people are organized and found a gift a long time ago.  Many others just remembered the holiday is coming five minutes ago when staring at their Twitter feeds.  If you need a last minute Father’s day gift, have no fear! We can help stock the man cave in your life, depending on […]

Dirty Touch Screens in Electronics Stores Keep Customers Away. Increase Sales with This Quick Tip

dirty touch screens

The Big Box Challenge: Keeping Touchscreen Floor Samples Clean We’ve touched on how dirty your phone screen is before, but it bears repeating: DEVICE SCREENS ARE DIRTIER THAN TOILET SEATS. If you look down at your phone right now, there’s at least three finger smudges, questionable crumbs, and an eyelash for good measure.  Think about how […]