The Nest™ Earbud and Cable Storage Systems

The Nest Earbud case was designed to keep your earphones safe and tangle-free. It is soft, flexible and will  protect your earpieces, mics and cords when stored in pockets, purses, backpacks, .... It features a patent-pending design and high-quality and highly durable silicone construction.

  • The Nest Earphone Holder / Earphone Case + W...

    An Earphone Holder Designed to Prevent Cord Tangling.
    • Protect earpieces, mic, & cord from damage caused by untangling
    • Instant, tangle-free release
    • Pocket & Purse friendly
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  • The Nest XL USB Cable, Earbud, AirPods, and ...

    USB Cable and Charger Storage Made Easy
    • Protects and organizes USB cables, chargers, earbuds, AirPods
    • Cords release instantly and tangle-free with a single pull, no more kinks, knots, or tangles 
    • Accommodates USB cords and lightning cables up to 48” long
    • Compact, soft and flexible to easily fit in pockets, purses, bags and backpacks
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