Made in the USA

On-Shoring to the USA:

Despite the tremendous economic pressures that have led most consumer electronics companies to manufacture almost exclusively overseas, we at DI are striving to buck the trend and produce our products stateside whenever feasible.

In today’s tough economy, people like to know there are companies out there making a real effort to bring jobs back to our shores, and we believe the ‘Made In USA’ logo has a special resonance with the American consumer.

In April of 2012, we were very pleased to move production of our flagship screen cleaning product, ScreenDr® Pro, from China to Chicago, with the vast majority of the components now made domestically as well. This required considerable up-front investment on our part in new tooling and other start-up costs, but it’s already paying off through superior quality and a more efficient supply chain. Beyond all the business reasons, we’re also getting real pride and pleasure from creating American jobs when so many people are really hurting.

With this ScreenDr success under our belts, we then made the decision to design and produce The Nest™, our innovative new tangle-free earbud storage product, in the US from the very beginning. We expect this to be a major success and job-producer going forward. We’re also making DeviceDryer™, our new product for drying out soaked electronics, and our patent-pending CleanDr® Wet/Dry cleaning wipes in the U.S.

Going forward, we will continue our push to find ways to produce existing and future products in America. While not every product can be profitably made domestically and no company can survive without profits, we are proving that a creative and determined company can on-shore a lot more often than the “experts” think.

And that’s a good thing…for all of us.